Teaching Philosophy

A classroom is not just a place for a mandated curriculum education. It is the first step towards moving out into society and experiencing life as an adult. The classroom exists as a safe place to make mistakes, question the world, and find out interests. My goal is to be a guide for students to help them obtain the skills they will need later in life, such as confident public speaking. Students do not need a friend or another parent, but a teacher who will give them the tools to learn how to figure out their world. I believe that a teacher can easily be the most important person in a student’s life. They work towards honing student’s skills as lifelong learners, because a teacher is a lifelong learner as well. A teacher is there as a knowledge keeper and also a person that can show students how to gain knowledge through inquiry.

My long term goal is to develop plans that encourage students to question everything before accepting it. As my university philosophy course taught me, you need to see and hear all sides before your opinion is closer to completion. The media related world dumps a lot of content on students and they need to be taught how to sift through it and find the worthy content. Questioning gives students a voice and a chance to take ownership over their education. When a student starts to question, they start to inquire further into topics. This process will lead them down a path where they find out their interests, hobbies, and opinions on various subjects. I want to focus my teaching on creating lifelong learners in my classroom. Showing different perspectives of media and allowing students to present their own supported arguments are ways that this will show up in my classroom. I will also encourage them to write about their feelings and revisit them as a source for learning.

Education is necessary in all of its forms, whether that is taught or hidden. Students are in that transitional before adulthood and need to be prepared to become active citizens who are knowledgeable about the world around them. Education does not just take place in the classroom; there is learning taking place every second of the day. The purpose of school education is to aid students in finding out what knowledge they should be looking for and what will be useful to their lives. Having a chance to learn about a wide variety of topics in the classroom will give students a chance to use inquiry on their own time to learn even more about a topic that sparked their interest. Education encourages us to not follow everything that is said to us in a mindless manner, but rather to test out the knowledge that is given to us.


One thought on “Teaching Philosophy

  1. Great start here, and I like your goal of creating lifelong learners and getting students to question things – sounds like anti-oppressive education – does that apply here? Keep revisiting this in the fall, and think about which parts are changing and evolving. Good luck in internship!

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