The Challenges of Life

(Explaining the World through our Foundational Stories; Destiny and Challenges of Life; Human Existence; Decisions)

  • What do foundational stories teach us about life’s challenges? How do foundational stories equip us for life?
  • How do our perceptions of what is a challenge depend on our personal stories or experiences?
  • What qualities help us face challenges successfully? What are the benefits of challenge?
  • What are some of the challenges and struggles that have shaped society? How have those challenges/struggles shaped society?
  • What are the important decisions we will have to make in our lifetime? What are the consequences of making informed and uninformed decisions?

The Mysteries of Life

(The Joys of Mind, Body, and Spirit; Mysteries of the Human Brain and Imagination; Mysteries of this World and Beyond; The Fantastic)

  • Of what is the human brain capable? How is technology changing the human brain? How can the human brain reach its potential?
  • What role does memory play in shaping a person?
  • How do our imaginations carry us far beyond the borders of the everyday world? Why is the imagination valuable in our personal lives, in society, and in the workplace? How might making connections expand our imagination and creativity?
  • Is there a master plan or are we masters of the plan?
  • How do fantasy and science fiction prepare us to handle the challenges that tomorrow will bring?

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