Deconstructing Film

Lesson Plan – Carol Fisher

Period 4: 1:09 PM – 2:12 PM (63 minutes)

Subject: ELA A10

Topic: Deconstructing Vampire Films and Television Shows

Content: D.E.A.W., Film Deconstruction, Exit Slip

Teaching Strategy: Write alongside the students, using media

Outcomes: CR A10.2

View, interpret, summarize, and draw conclusions about the ideas and information presented in a variety of illustrations, charts, graphs, and television, film, and video presentations including a documentary or current affairs program.


–          SWBAT: Demonstrate active viewing behaviours

–          SWBAT: Prepare and present a critical response to what was viewed

–          SWBAT: View and discuss the meaning and characterization implicit in the action of a scene from a play, film, television production

–          SWBAT: Write using a song as an inspiration point

Multiple Intelligences:

–          Visual-spatial

–          Musical

–          Intrapersonal

Prerequisite: Knowledge of various vampire based shows and films.

Lesson Preparation:

–          Film Sheet

–          Computer

–          Projector

–          Sound

–          Video Links


Set: Students will be able to write for at least five minutes. They will be able to use the song for inspiration and write whatever it draws from their mind.

Development: Students will actively view the clips and deconstruct the content. Students will volunteer or provide answers during the discussion. I will take in the viewing sheets to see what each student got out of their deconstruction.

Closure: I will use the answers to the exit slip to get a grasp of what students are taking from my lessons. Are they starting to see that fantasy/horror genre works can teach us things?


Set: (estimated time 10/60 minutes) (10)

–          Song Writing Prompt:

  • o   Spiritual – Katy Perry (From The Vampire Academy Soundtrack)
  • o
  • o   Students will be asked to write underneath their last writing. They may write in any form: point form, journal, poem, story, or picture if they cannot formulate any words while listening.
  • o   Students can write while the song is playing or write after it is done.
  • o   The writing topic is up to them.
  • o   They must date and sign it and hand it in when they finish.

–          Take up deconstruction Sheet

Development: (estimated time **50/60 minutes) (40)

–          Hand out film viewing sheets

–          Discussion of findings:

  • I will cold call or have volunteers share their answers for each clip.
  • I will be looking for meaning statements and the differences between them.

–          Hand in film viewing sheet

Closure:  (estimated time 60/60 minutes) (10)

–          Exit slip:

  • o   How has film altered the vampire tradition?
  • o   Do vampire/horror stories teach us lessons?
  • o   What is your favorite vampire story/film/TV show? Why?

–          If there is time left:

  • o   Student will get a choice; we can start reading Act 2 out loud or they can work on their independent novel studies.

Adaptive Dimension:

–          Film

–          View things twice

–          Take up in class