Information and images related to Saskatchewan art and artists; organized thematically; teacher suggestions provided.


Dracula Theme Worksheet

Dracula Theme Worksheet

Name: _____________ Partner Name: _____________                            ELA A10/Ms. Fisher

Directions: Listed below are common themes in stories. Circle the top three themes that you think relate to Dracula.

Faith                                                       Violence

Family                                                    Friendship

Death                                                      Immortality

Hope                                                       Knowledge

Love                                                        Oppression

Identity                                                   Sanity

Trust                                                       Loyalty

Desire                                                      Fear

Power                                                      Survival

Directions: Fill in each box below. Write three quotations or lines from the story that back up and support your chosen theme. Please provide quotations for each theme.

Theme One: __________

Quotation #1                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #2                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #3                                                                 Page Number: __________


Theme Two: __________

Quotation #1                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #2                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #3                                                                 Page Number: __________




Theme Three: ___________

Quotation #1                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #2                                                                 Page Number: __________



Quotation #3                                                                 Page Number: __________





Directions: Explain how these three themes relate to Dracula in a paragraph. Make reference to the quotations you selected in your answer. Write on the back if you need more space.


Directions: Now that you have looked at theme, start thinking about a meaning statement. Find your green deconstruction handout. Answer part three of that hand out (Reconsider a reading). Please hand both booklets in when you are finished.

Deconstructing Film

Lesson Plan – Carol Fisher

Period 4: 1:09 PM – 2:12 PM (63 minutes)

Subject: ELA A10

Topic: Deconstructing Vampire Films and Television Shows

Content: D.E.A.W., Film Deconstruction, Exit Slip

Teaching Strategy: Write alongside the students, using media

Outcomes: CR A10.2

View, interpret, summarize, and draw conclusions about the ideas and information presented in a variety of illustrations, charts, graphs, and television, film, and video presentations including a documentary or current affairs program.


–          SWBAT: Demonstrate active viewing behaviours

–          SWBAT: Prepare and present a critical response to what was viewed

–          SWBAT: View and discuss the meaning and characterization implicit in the action of a scene from a play, film, television production

–          SWBAT: Write using a song as an inspiration point

Multiple Intelligences:

–          Visual-spatial

–          Musical

–          Intrapersonal

Prerequisite: Knowledge of various vampire based shows and films.

Lesson Preparation:

–          Film Sheet

–          Computer

–          Projector

–          Sound

–          Video Links


Set: Students will be able to write for at least five minutes. They will be able to use the song for inspiration and write whatever it draws from their mind.

Development: Students will actively view the clips and deconstruct the content. Students will volunteer or provide answers during the discussion. I will take in the viewing sheets to see what each student got out of their deconstruction.

Closure: I will use the answers to the exit slip to get a grasp of what students are taking from my lessons. Are they starting to see that fantasy/horror genre works can teach us things?


Set: (estimated time 10/60 minutes) (10)

–          Song Writing Prompt:

  • o   Spiritual – Katy Perry (From The Vampire Academy Soundtrack)
  • o
  • o   Students will be asked to write underneath their last writing. They may write in any form: point form, journal, poem, story, or picture if they cannot formulate any words while listening.
  • o   Students can write while the song is playing or write after it is done.
  • o   The writing topic is up to them.
  • o   They must date and sign it and hand it in when they finish.

–          Take up deconstruction Sheet

Development: (estimated time **50/60 minutes) (40)

–          Hand out film viewing sheets

–          Discussion of findings:

  • I will cold call or have volunteers share their answers for each clip.
  • I will be looking for meaning statements and the differences between them.

–          Hand in film viewing sheet

Closure:  (estimated time 60/60 minutes) (10)

–          Exit slip:

  • o   How has film altered the vampire tradition?
  • o   Do vampire/horror stories teach us lessons?
  • o   What is your favorite vampire story/film/TV show? Why?

–          If there is time left:

  • o   Student will get a choice; we can start reading Act 2 out loud or they can work on their independent novel studies.

Adaptive Dimension:

–          Film

–          View things twice

–          Take up in class